Our Catering Menu

Our Gourmet menu is always changing as we strive to use only fresh, local and in season ingredients, organically grown when available. So just note that some of the toppings on the menu may be different but will still be great tasting!!!


Sassy & Simple

A little sass coming from this pizza but great for the simple folk! Pesto, Roasted tomatoes, Basil, Asiago/Mozzarella mix and some pepperoni for those who want to take it up a notch.

Hawaiian Pineapple

Thinly sliced back bacon, fresh pineapple, red peppers, mozzarella topped with coconut and snipped fresh chives.

Veggin Out

Our signature garden pizza topped with local goodness. A delightful and surprising mix of seasonal veggies, herbs and local cheeses.

The Canadian EH!

Pepperoni, sausage, smoked ham, red onion & pepper, spinach, mozzarella.

Heading South

Southwestern grilled chicken, mozzarella, with sautéed mushrooms/ red pepper/corn mix, spinach,tangy barbecue sauce.

Sweet & Salty

Olive oil, Smoked Bacon, Sweet Onion, Mozzarella, touch of apple.

All Flanked Out

Garlic olive oil, marinated flank steak, red onion, roasted red peppers, arugula, goat cheese.

Spicy Thai Chicken

Grilled marinated chicken, freshly grated carrots and green onions with spicy Thai peanut sauce topped with cilantro.


Hail to Kale Caesar

Romaine & tender kale, smoked bacon, seasoned garlic croutons, sliced egg, shaved parmesan topped with our famous dressing… Hail to an amazing salad!

Fresh Garden Greens

A beautiful spring mix of tender greens and sprouts chocked full of seasonal veggie & fruits dressed with balsamic oil & vinegar.

Super Spinach Salad

Lots of spinach here with some goat cheese, pear, red onion, toasted pecans and a honey Dijon dressing to bring it all together.

Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad

A colorful mix of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and homemade pesto. (a gluten free pasta can also be used).


Mini Indulgence Platter

A sweet mix of Lemon Blueberry, Balsamic Strawberry & Raspberry Chocolate mini tarts.

Cool & Crisp Jars

Mapletons Organic Ice Cream with a Cookie… choose from the Ginger Jar, the Chocolate Jar or the Vanilla Jar.