The Deep Roots of Grassroots… A Brief History

About Us & the love we have for the Farm, Community & Life …

Vicky & Roger Morrison own farmland just outside of Lucknow, Ontario. It’s one of the few remaining farms that still retains the same family name as the original Crown deeded in 1855. Five generations are deeply rooted here on this century homestead.

This is a farm of creative diversity – while Roger raises cattle through winter, warmer weather brings something a little different… So as the sun warms the land in late spring, Grassroots farm transforms into the home of the Woodfired Pizza Oven. The Oven began as an earthen oven a few years back and has evolved into a handcrafted clay & brick mobile oven.

Eating on the Farm is a unique food experience designed to celebrate good, sustainable food. We believe that food should be fun and exciting while indulging your inner foodie. We love working with our local farmers and producers, we are inspired by our surroundings to create a Pizza menu that will tantalize your taste buds. This is the heart of who we are and our community is all who join us in sharing our backyard bounty.


Wanting to add a creative twist to a roadside farm stand on Friday afternoons, the idea of a Woodfired Pizza landed on our laps, or more like in Vicky’s head.

On a huge 4 foot stump, our first cob oven was built out of clay, sand, straw and water. It gave us the opportunity to explore this new idea while sparking the interest of the summer travellers and the local community. As with anything the oven soon began to crumble, eventually falling in, which lead us to the next oven a small stainless steel oven.

Still loving the pizza path we continued to make pizzas mostly for our family and friends until Vicky convinced Roger that a bigger mobile oven should be built to take out into the community and so our next oven hand crafted by Roger on a old 10 x10’ snowmobile trailer made with layers of cement and brick equipped with a hand washing sink no less. It was a success, and little did we know that this was the beginning of a beautiful journey into the world of Pizzas!

Who would have thought a small cob oven would lead to this, we sure didn’t. Our woodfired pizza inspiration really came from the love of great food, using local fresh ingredients that supports our local farm community. to be shared and enjoyed.